SkillsIQ is currently undertaking a review of our program to better align it with Industry expectations.

During this time, we will not be accepting any new or renewal applications.

As we are expecting the review to be completed in early 2018, all existing accreditations have been extended until 30th June 2018.

If your accreditation period is about to expire and you require an updated certificate, please send us a request via email – We will be notifying all existing accreditations when we relaunch our program in early 2018.

'As a teacher in an RTO, you are always under scrutiny and expected to upgrade your skills and maintain continuous improvement. By going through the Right Way process, your employer has evidence that you are a quality educator.'

Tracey Bruce - Right Way accredited trainer and assessor


In a competitive industry, Right Way accreditation helps you stand out from the crowd. It’s aligned with VET sector and industry standards and can be used around the country.

The professional development points earned through the program prove that trainers/assessors have taken part in a range of current training and development activities and have been actively involved in the industry.


Benefits for trainers and assessors

Right Way accreditation gives you the following benefits:

  • Industry recognition of your industry experience and current skills and knowledge.
  • Certification to support your resume.
  • Use of the Right Way logo for your resume and marketing materials.
  • A point of difference and advantage in the market place when promoting your skills.
  • Employer confidence in your skills—your accreditation highlights your commitment to quality delivery.
  • Evidence for registration authorities that your RTO employer recruits quality trainers and assessors, as prescribed by the national mandatory standards for registering RTOs.
  • Access to professional development activities which provide both updated industry skills and knowledge and improved training and assessment skills.

It’s becoming easier to plan your professional development, with an ever-increasing number of Right Way industry and professional development partners offering pre-approved points.

Professional development points

During each year of accreditation, you have to earn professional development points by taking part in activities that expand both your training and assessment and your industry skills. The points must be earned evenly over each year of the accreditation period, as shown below.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Total points

50 points annually

50 points annually

100 points annually

100 points over 2 years

100 points over 2 years

200 points in total

Professional development points are allocated based on the type of activity you take part in. You can choose activities that suit your needs and claim points by providing proof of attendance.

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